Friendly website analytics made for humans

Powerful yet simple to use

Sometimes people just want to know a couple of simple statistics about their website and explore the rest later. Our goal was to build a powerful tool that can be used by regular, non-techie people.

Our tracking code snippet can be expanded with powerful tags which can be used on reports to filter and search through the data (e.g. conversions, goals, multiple domains).


We don't track your visitors with cookies

In order to collect data, we don't invade the privacy of your visitors by installing cookies* . Instead, we combine visitor's location with browser signature to achieve this with similar precision. We also respect Do Not Track (“DNT”) settings in browsers.

As a result, our tracking code is privacy-friendly, polite, non-aggressive, and ignored by Ad blockers or similar tools people use to protect themselves.

* Visitors may receive _cfduid cookie from our DNS provider Cloudflare.

Secure by design

Your sensitive analytics data is encrypted by default using public/private key pairs. The only time your private key is decrypted is when you log in to check your reports. All this means that your data is encrypted in a way that makes it inaccessible to us.

Our javascript tracking code is strengthened with integrity attribute which validates it on a client side. This ensures our tracking code cannot be changed or compromised in the future.



Rediscover your data

Start today and see your real-time reports filling with data.
You can combine ticksel with other website analytic tools and see the difference between them.

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You can start with our Free Plan to see if this service can meet all your needs.

Free Plan

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Personal Use
5,000 pageviews per month
Unlimited websites
12 months data retention
10 user/session tags
SSL Requests

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Basic Plan

$ 8

Per month

Commercial Use
20,000 pageviews per month
Unlimited websites
12 months data retention
15 user/session tags
SSL Requests



$ 199

Per month

Commercial Use
1+ million pageviews per month
Unlimited websites
24 months data retention
200 user/session tags
SSL Requests
Service Level Agreement

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Our order process is conducted by our online reseller Paddle.com. Paddle.com is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. Paddle provides all customer service inquiries and handles returns.
All paid plans will be activated automatically after the purchase. You can cancel at any time. Local taxes may apply.

Even More Features

We are so proud and excited about our product that we're adding new features almost every day

Single account, multiple websites

Simple yet useful graphs

Real-time reports

Geo tracking down to the city level

User or session tagging system

Data drilling

Night mode for eye protection

Safe and secure tracking code

Data encryption by default

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